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  1. The following persons will be admitted to events organised in Enklawa:
    - members of the Enklawa Club (priority),
    - holders of Club invitations.
  2. Due to the possibility of handing the invitation over to third parties, the fact of holding the invitation, a printed e-mail invitation, or a password, does not give a direct right to enter the Club premises.
  3. The Club will not admit guests under 21, without a valid identification document, in outfit other than club/evening wear, under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances, and persons for whose presence the security personnel is not willing to take responsibility.
  4. The Event Leader or the Security Personnel have the right to decide about the admission.
  5. The following items must not be brought to the Club's premises: drinks, alcohol, drugs, intoxicating substances, firearms, gas weapons, and items which can be used to hurt or injure other participants in the event.
  6. All visitors to the Club should voluntarily agree to be inspected for the presence of the items specified in point 5.
  7. Individuals who object to the inspection, and are suspected of carrying the items specified in point 5, will not be admitted to the premises of the Club.
  8. People using intoxicating substances or being under their influence, inebriated, aggressive, or violating the principles of community life will be asked to leave the Club.
  9. People who wilfully damage the Club's property will be obliged to pay the costs of the damaged property, asked to leave the premises, and will lose their right to take part in events organised by the Enklawa Club.
  10. If you notice any participant in the event using intoxicating substances, behaving in an aggressive manner or damaging the Club's property, please notify immediately the Event Leader, a member of the Security Personnel, or any employee of the Club.
  11. In case of fire or in other hazardous situations, please do not panic and follow the signs to the emergency exits.
  12. Should you have any questions or comments, please refer to the Event Leader or the Security Staff.
  13. By entering the Enklawa Club, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

Management of the Enklawa Club